Track Kids' Live Location in 3 Simple Steps


Register an account

Enter your email address and password to register for a free account.


Install on Monitored Device

Install ParentalGuard on the device and follow the tutorial to finish the setup.


Start Location Monitoring

Select Geo-Fencing, create a geo-fence, and you will be alerted when your child enters/leaves the geo-fence.

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  • Based on 2,291 reviews
  • Based on 2,291 reviews
  • Based on 2,291 reviews

I've been using ParentalGuard for a few months now and I am very impressed with its features and ease of use. It has helped me keep my kids safe online and has given me peace of mind.

Maria Heck


I highly recommend ParentalGuard for any parent who wants to monitor and protect their child's online activities. It has been a game changer for our family.

John D.


As a working parent, I am not always able to monitor my child's online activities. With ParentalGuard, I can now keep an eye on them remotely and make sure they are safe.

Michael S.


I was worried about my child's safety online, but ParentalGuard has given me the tools I need to protect them. I am very satisfied with this product.

Maria L.


I've tried multiple parental control apps and ParentalGuard is by far the best. It has all the features I need and the customer service is top-notch.

Emily T.


The geofencing feature is a game changer for me. I can always know where my child is and receive real-time updates on their location.

David R.


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